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Chris Brown Reveals New Disturbing Tattoo

Singer Chris Brown has unveiled a new tattoo resembling a battered woman at a recent event in Las Vegas.  The prominent Tattoo, on his neck, portrays a woman’s face with swollen lips and a bruised eye. The Tattoo is unnervingly similar to the picture his singer ex girlfriend Rihanna revealed of her face after he brutally attacked her in 2009.

When questioned Brown claims that the tattoo is not of a battered woman’s face but of an interpretation of a Mexican Sugar Skull used in the day of the dead festival.


After he was convicted of assault Chris’ lawyer spoke publicly stating “He wants to take full responsibility for what he has done and to clarify that domestic abuse is not acceptable.” Yet Brown’s actions have somewhat contradicted this.  First he posted an aggressive video attacking those who had criticized him. Then earlier this year a woman who claimed Brown approached her at an awards show using the pick-up line “Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you.” After he won two awards at this year’s Grammys, he tweeted “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F**** OFF!” He swiftly followed this with “”IM BACK SO WATCH MY BaCK as I walk away from all this negativity”. These are hardly the actions of someone who feels deep remorse for his actions.

While brown has been greeted with criticism and “hate”, music retailer HMV had to remove stickers protesters had stuck on saying “DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM. THIS MAN BEATS WOMEN!” it has hardly damaged his reputation, if anything it has given him a selling “Bad Boy” image which Brown is obviously playing up to. This new tattoo is a continuation of the shock factor that is selling his records and whether Brown did this intentionally or not it is almost impossible to believe that he or his PR team didn’t notice the obvious resemblance to the face of the woman he abused.  Hopefully Chris Brown will get his “ultimate F**K OFF” someday.

The Hardman And His Hedgehog

AVON, really?

What’s the WHP addiction?

The warehouse project; voted best club in the UK by Mixmag and one of the many reasons why I moved to Manchester. Cool young things swarm to the underground venue, dancing in the dark to computer generated music and flashing lights, like a real life version of Pacman.

 Along with a multitude of other students I am a warehouse project junkie and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on tickets for this year’s events, but as I watched the events instantly sell out (for quite a price too!) I couldn’t help but wonder what the addiction is?



Since the Warehouse Project started in 2006 it has constantly generated massive hype, going to an underground rave is always cool and their advertising and PR campaign reinforces this notion. The secret underground venue, the sell out tickets, the mock-dangerous atmosphere all create an elite subversive world that anybody can be invited to. So Sarah Smith doing an accounting and finance course can transform into Annie Mac at the purchase of a ticket!

This year it seems even more electric. Last July 2011 it was announced that the venue (situated under Piccadilly station) was being closed and WHP would be shutting down for good. Ominous reverse graffiti with tags such as “The end is nigh” could be found sprayed on garage doors around Manchester. However, the clubbers day of reckoning never came as WHP announced a new venue (located near Old Trafford) and released a new explosive line up featuring amazing talents like Seth Troxler, Skream, Fatboyslim and Annie Mac  to name a few . A friend of mine actually cried because the line up was that good, THAT cry worthy good.  This was all followed by the line of “For 12 weeks the city is ours.” Pretty potent stuff, right?

So everybody wants a piece of the underground lifestyle. I have only purchased my first ticket for the opening weekend where Joy Orbison, Maya Jane Coles and Julio Bashmore are playing and hope to book more. But with tickets selling like wildfire and only 19 events left I’d better hurry up or I’ll just be another boring kid who wasn’t invited to the cool party.